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The island "Schouwen-Duiveland" is full of natural beauty: beaches, dunes, creeks, forests and of course lots of water and farmland and all of it in walking distance! Leaving Ouwerkerk in any direction, you will find beautiful walking and biking trails.

If you walk in the direction of "Oosterschelde" next to "Baalpapenweg", you will get to a dyke from which you have a fantastic view. At low tide, you can 'pluck' oisters on the small beach.

Continuing west along the dyke, you will get to the "Watersnood museum", that reminds of the desaster that hit the island in 1953 - definitely worth a visit.

Walking a few kilometers further down the "Oosterschelde" you will see the famous bridge "Zeelandbrug" and probably many kitesurfers and divers plunging into the sea.

If you would like to visit the historical town of "Zierikzee", the best way is a twenty minutes bike ride through the meadows around Ouwekerk. Experienced bikers will also find routes that invite to 'island hopping' to the south or north via little ferry boats.
A visit of the authentic fishing areas like "Brouwershaven", "Bruimisse" and of course Zierikzee is very recommendable as well.

Zierikzee is a different kind of town. A very cosy harbor area overflows with cafes, little shops and great restaurants. An enormous nature project is being developed in the vicinity and this area is great for bird-spotting.

In Burg-Haamstede you will find the most beautiful dunes and beaches, but also the are around the "Brouwersdam" that seperates the north sea and the "Grevelingenmeer" is worth mentioning. If you are lucky (and like this kind of entertainment) you might find a pop concert with participation of the audience being held on the dam in the summer.

A car obviously increases your range and "Middelburg" and "Vlissingen" also have a lot of charm. Rotterdam and Antwerpen are an hour away by car.

Finally, a visit of "Neeltje Jans" is a recommendation as well. You and your children will learn in a playful way about the "Deltaplan" and how the Netherlands - and especially Zeeland - handle the threat of the water.

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